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What is Laser Cataract Surgery?

Dr. David Yomtoob was one of the first surgeons in California to perform laser cataract surgery, which is a new blade free procedure. It uses an FDA-approved Femtosecond laser that provides leading edge accuracy because each incision is mapped using the on-board computer.
Laser Cataract Surgery

How does this work?

This computer allows the eye surgeon to design many aspects of the surgery, chart incisions and customize the fragmentation patterns for the lens removal. This means smoother preparation and few surgery steps. The computer also features real-time video imaging that provides 3D visualization of the front section of the eye during the setup, planning and surgery.

How is Laser Cataract Surgery Beneficial?

Laser cataract surgery allows your eye surgeon to make more precise incisions and reduces energy, fluid and time during the surgery. There is less manipulation of the eye, which may make it more comfortable for you. Laser cataract surgery also allows for a more centered and precise lens opening that makes the intraocular lens positioning more accurate. Laser cataract surgery can also be used reduce certain amounts of astigmatism in a more precise manner. Patient safety may be improved, and laser incisions may allow for a more efficient healing and faster recovery.