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Monovision Correction

Monovision CorrectionMonovision is a method of treating presbyopia by correcting one eye for distance and the other eye for near (reading). In general, this can be accomplished with contact lenses, laser vision correction or cataract surgery. The benefit of monovision is that it allows an individual to see clearly at two primary distances without the use of glasses. As you recall, presbyopia is the age-related loss of reading vision that forces most of us to wear reading glasses or bifocals. Not everyone is able to tolerate monovision correction, therefore if you are considering this treatment with laser vision correction or cataract surgery, you should discuss it with your ophthalmologist/eye surgeon.

In general, you should have used monovision with contact lenses in the past before considering surgical therapy. Please click here to find an affiliated doctor who specializes in contact lenses or glasses.