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How Many Days Rest Are Needed After Cataract Surgery?

Phaco What Now? Today’s cataract surgery is typically done in a sterile environment through a process called phacoemulsification. The surgical team will numb the eye prior to the roughly 15-minute procedure, so individuals don't experience discomfort. The ophthalmologist then removes the cataract and replaces the cloudy lens with an artificial one. Once in recovery, medical personnel ensure the effects of anesthesia are wearing off before sending patients home. Letting wounds heal After surgery, the eye needs a bit of time to recover. The surgeon makes a small incision on the surface of the eye to access the cataractous lens. ...

May 18th, 2022|Cataracts|
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Eye Drop To Surgery: Treatment Options For Glaucoma

Glaucoma Gets On Your Nerves Glaucoma is the result of an increase in eye pressure in the eye. This buildup damages the optic nerves that send visual messages to the brain. As these nerves die, patients with glaucoma begin to see black spots where images once were. The disease can destroy the entire nerve network if left unchecked, leaving the eye completely blind. The plug on glaucoma Aqueous humor is a fluid that helps give the eye a spherical shape. This liquid is also responsible for bringing nutrients to parts of the eye that don’t have blood vessels. After ...

May 11th, 2022|Glaucoma|
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Can Eye Glasses Help Treat Cataracts?

I Can See Cloudy Now Cataracts are a common occurrence as individuals reach a certain age, typically around the 40 year mark. The disease can also happen as the result of an injury to the face or eye. As a result, the eye’s natural lens begins to harden as the tissue within breaks down. Previously clear, this tissue starts turning opaque. An impossible to clean stain Trying to see through a cloudy lens is no different from trying to view objects through a dirty window. The cataract may start as a small smudge not difficult to see around but ...

May 4th, 2022|Cataracts|
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Diabetes And Family History: Risk Factors For Development Of Glaucoma

Humor Me The eye is filled with a thin, transparent substance called humor made almost entirely of water. This fluid gives the eye a shape but also brings nutrients to areas where blood vessels do not exist. Aqueous humor in the front of the eye supplies the lens and iris before exiting through drainage channels. When those drainage channels become restricted or blocked, the potential for glaucoma sets in. Glaucoma is not draining Poor functioning drainage channels or an overproduction of fluid can lead to a build-up of aqueous humor in the eye. With nowhere to go, this liquid ...

April 26th, 2022|Glaucoma|
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Small Incision Cataract Surgery: Phacoemulsification

The Power Of Vision Sight is the leading factor in the vast majority of decisions made on any given day. Any changes to vision can dramatically affect the ability to function. Cataracts cause a breakdown in the layers of protein in the lens that the eye uses to focus light. Without the lens functioning properly, vision can become blurry, distorted, and dark. Is surgery the only way? As cataracts worsen, the lens opacifies, and vision becomes increasingly blurry. The human body can't combat the condition, and there are currently no medications to revert the lens to normal. At this time, ...

April 19th, 2022|Cataracts|
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Sensitivity To Light And Halos: What Do Glaucoma Patients See

Glaucoma Gets On Your Nerves Eye tissue without blood vessels like the iris and lens remain healthy by absorbing nutrients from the aqueous humor. This clear fluid is created by the eye to serve this specific purpose before exiting through drainage channels. When these drains become partially or wholly blocked, aqueous humor can build up in the eye. The result is increased pressure that can cause glaucoma to set in. Dangerous business Glaucoma is an eye disease that often stems from this abnormal pressure. That tension slowly presses on the optic nerve that sends images to the brain. If ...

April 12th, 2022|Glaucoma|
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